Must watch: Cats of Malta

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If you’re a cat lover and fancy watching a heart-warming documentary Cats of Malta will be right up our street.

The film has already received the “Critics Choice Award” at Black Swan International Film Festival (2022), the “Gold Award”  at Spotlight Documentary Film Awards (2022), and “Best Cat Film” at Fauna Tepoztlán Animal Festival (2023) to name but a few. 

Cats of Malta takes audiences on a journey through the island’s colourful cat colonies, cat cafes, parks and streets to meet local volunteer feeders, business owners and artists whose lives are enriched by stray cats.

Each interview reveals more about Malta’s cat culture, while illuminating the mental health benefits the stray felines provide locals and tourists alike. Enjoy a deep dive into the inner workings of the island’s cat community and experience their highs and lows as the cats unite the island.

By highlighting the strength of community and focusing on the relatable universal themes of compassion and unconditional love, Cats of Malta shifts beyond solely pleasing cat enthusiasts into the realm of education, tourism and good old-fashioned, feel-good entertainment.

Available to download on 25th September.

By admin

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