Must watch: A Haunting in Venice

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Every once in a while it’s time for a remake and having Kenneth Branagh reprise to the role of the Belgium detective, Poirot is one of these much needed moments.

In his first outing as Agatha Christie’s famous detective in the new adaptation, Poirot is settle in Venice, ignoring the cries of the public wanting to us his top investigative skills. He lives a simple life until his friend, if you can call her that, Ariadne Oliver comes calling. Oliver, played by Tina Fey has an offer for him that he can’t refuse. Solve a mystery in a haunted house and expose a medium.

Of course, Poirot can’t refuse and gets taken on a journey in which he solves the mystery over the duration of a night. What, you think that’s a spoiler? Well it wouldn’t be a Poirot mystery if the case wasn’t solved would it!

Branagh who also directed the movie is joined by Jamie Dornan, Michelle Yeoh and Kelly Reilly. Set in the backdrop of Venice and a creepy house, almost reminiscent of a castle, the clues or solved. Question is, can you spot them. To be honest, we had not clue until it was unravelled but maybe your detective skills are better than ours.

Out in cinemas now.

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