Winner of the Palme d’Or, the Triangle of Happiness is one of those films you may miss, if you haven’t heard the hype. It’s a woeful tale of class-divide which is wickedly funny.

Young models Carl and Yaya are invited to take a luxury cruise.Slightly out-of-place amongst the super-rich, this may well be a tale purely of class-divide, but the fun has only just got started. The perfect location for Instagrammable pictures, one might say, well that would be the case if it were all smooth-sailing. The cruise ends catastrophically and some of the shipmates end up marooned on a desert island.

Stand-out performances to look out for are Zlatko Buric, who plays Dimitry and Dolly De Leon, who plays Abigail. Woody Harrelson makes a fleeting appearance as the ship’s Captain with hilarious consequences.

The movie is filled with laugh-out-loud moments, clever one-liners and some superb acting. It’s a lengthy two-and-a-half hours but you won’t have time to look at your watch. It’s split into three parts and maybe the change of scenery helps to hold your interest? Or maybe it’s simply the quick-witted delivery of the lines.

Catch it at the London Film Festival or when it’s on general release 28th October 2022.