Active sports apparel brand Sundried is on a mission to educate consumers on sustainable fashion choices and to start reversing the damage being done to the planet by ‘fast fashion’. With three eco-friendly collections, Sundried is offering an alternative to the mass produced, poor quality clothing that is contributing to landfill pollution and threatening our very existence.

Sundried’s newest offering is a fitness t-shirt made from the first biodegradable polyamide yarn in the world. “We were really excited to finalise our designs for this product and to be able to bring it to market after extensive research and development,” says Sundried founder and CEO Daniel Puddick. “This fabric lends itself perfectly to activewear as it is naturally sweat wicking and stretchy, as well as offering advanced technical qualities such as UV protection and anti-odour properties.”

Sundried’s Eco Tech® fitness t-shirts for men and women are high quality and long lasting, encouraging consumers to wear them for years instead of continually buying new clothing and throwing it away. Once this t-shirt has come to the end of its life and is put into landfill, it only takes three short years to fully biodegrade and return to nature, instead of polluting the environment for hundreds of years like traditional clothing.

Eco Charge is an activewear collection by Sundried made from 100% recycled coffee grounds. “Used coffee grounds usually end up in landfill, so recycling this abundant raw material and turning it into performance sportswear is a win-win situation,” says Puddick. “Eco Charge fabric lends itself perfectly to activewear as it has natural de-odorising properties as well as UV protection and is even anti bacterial.” Sundried’s Eco Charge products are of the finest quality and with the right care, consumers can expect to wear this clothing for years to come, reducing the demand for new textile manufacture and therefore reducing pollution.




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