Keep your hair looking fresh this winter

As a consequence of our increasingly busy lifestyles, there’s not a lot of time in the morning to get our hair looking just right. It’s
important to make sure you’re happy with your hair though, as a bad hair day can seriously dampen your mood for the whole day. Long sought after and booked by Vogue, Tatler, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle, Steven Carey has an illustrious career spanning a decade of working on hair shows worldwide. The famed hairdresser – with his own eponymous salon in Mayfair – is today bringing us five morning routine tips to improve your hair.

buy prednisone in usa Keep it Curly – a salon blow dry is as good as it gets, but it won’t stay preserved on its own. To keep the
incredible looks going past the first few hours, be sure to wear your hair in a scrunchie at night to keep
the style from flattening.

buy lasix canada Re-style – don’t stress if you wake up with hair still covered in product still in your hair from the day
before – this could work to your advantage. Give your hair a light spray of water and go over it with a
hairdryer. The heat from the appliance will re-activate the product.

Fresh Fringe – if you wake up needing a deep shampoo and condition, but just don’t have the time, just
wash your fringe. This shortcut should make your overall hair look cleaner, buying you time until you
have time to wash it later on.

Dry Shampoo – for those times when we need a wash on the go, there are plenty of dry shampoos on
the market that will help tide you over. We recommend always having a can of dry shampoo on hand
to keep hair going the extra mile between washes.

Top Sections – long hair can take a lot more time to style than shorter cuts. If you are looking to change
up your look without too much extra work, just take just the top sections of your hair and blow dry that
part for a quick and easy style re-vamp.