First rehab centre for Amazon addicts opened

The world’s first rehab centre for self confessed Amazon addicts has launched. The ‘Giant Corp Rehab Centre’ arrives as new research by fintech company iZettle reveals that one in three Brits confess they are ‘addicted’ to shopping online with giant retailers, with one in 12 people ordering goods online every 36 hours on average.

The unique therapy centre is run by trained therapists and offers ‘Meditative Box Therapy’, where patients repeatedly flatten cardboard boxes as a form of stress relief, ‘Shock Therapy’ where an art gallery of visions of the future high street startles patients into realising how damaging shopping with giant retailers can be, and ‘Digit Distraction’ classes which aim to retrain the brain to avoid clicking the ‘pay now’ button. The rehab centre also offers masterclasses in floristry and latte art for self-confessed shopping addicts to help them engage with local business in a bid to save the British high street.

The ‘Giant Corp Rehab Centre’ is free to attend for anyone willing to admit their addiction to one click buys and opens on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th October on Redchurch Street in Shoreditch, London. If you would like specific regional stats do let me know.