King of Crime in cinemas 2nd November

buy furosemide 40 mg uk When Marcus King (Mark Wingett – Quadrophenia, The Bill), Britain’s most notorious
cybercriminal, finds himself at the mercy of some extremists, he knows it’s time to settle some old
scores, play one of the biggest scams of his life, and defeat the terrorists. It’s just a question of
whether he can maneuver his footsoldiers, protect his wife (Claire King – Emmerdale, Bad Girls),
and decipher some double-crossing before he’s safe in the land of milk and honey.

Cybercrime and terrorism are some of the most prevalent issues of today, and King Of Crime’s
bold look mirrors that modernism. The film sharply spotlights the topics at hand, and draws you
into a world of deception and violence – a fresh voice within a recognisable genre. It does this, in
part, with the familiar English aesthetic and that of a sleek style, for a cross-country affair of
dangerous, dramatic thrills.

A modern of version of The Long Good Friday, meets Swordfish, KING OF CRIME,
produced by Linda Dunscombe and James Welling, will be screening in select UK cinemas
from Friday 2nd November.